Sunday, August 31, 2008

How I Did It

: Morgan Kendall, of mkendall
Photograph Location: Atlanta, GA
How I took the shot: This piece is part of my cardboard series. I took regular cardboard and cut objects out of it, in this case a moon and stars. I then tacked the pieces onto a blank wall in my studio and made a little lasso out of some string. Once I got a shot I was happy with using the self timer, I worked on it in photoshop. I overlayed a photo I shot of clouds and a few textures from my library. I really liked doing this series because you, the artist, are actually creating the entire scene. You're only limited by your imagination.

How I Did It is compiled by Susannah Tucker. Susannah is a self-taught photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been fascinated with photography since she was a young girl, and enjoys experimenting with techniques, layers and textures. View the collection in her shop here.

Please contact Susannah if you would like to participate in a future How I Did It feature.


gigi said...

I think Morgan has a fascinating way of looking at the world and I really like knowing a little bit more about her philosophy and techniques in this photo. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to read the process behind this one.