Saturday, August 30, 2008

Call for Submissions: The Etsy Challenge

We've all heard of the Pepsi Challenge, but have you heard of the Etsy Challenge? It's a contest sponsored by the creative minds behind the blog on Etsy blogs.

Active Etsy sellers can enter the link to a handmade item they've made along with four other competitors into one of 12 different categories. Readers of the site vote on their favorite in each category, and after one week, the winners are announced. The winners will receive a sweet badge they can put in their shops for all the world to see.

Winners of the category challenge are then entered into a weekly Grand Champion contest, and those winners are then entered into the annual Grand Champion contest. The prize for each of these contests? An even bigger and badder badge to display with pride. Think about it: if you enter and win, you might end up collecting more badges than you had when you were a Girl Scout! Or a Cub Scout! Yeehaw!

Read more about the rules and how to enter right here. They're still accepting entries for next week's challenge, so hop on over if you're interested.


racergirl1313 said...

Thanks for this post! I entered my "Reflection" photo and it will be in the 9/8 Photography challenge!

althena12 said...

I am sorry but where do you go to enter the challenge? Thanks, Linda

SimplyLiving said...

The Etsy Challenge is Awesome! Just another great perk from this great website!! I have entered my print Twin's for Today's challenge!!