Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wandering Eye

This past Friday was a beautiful day here (we haven't had that many "nice" days this year), and since I had the day off, I took myself and my camera and went out to see what I could see.  

I drove down into the Lower Snoqualmie Valley, headed south on the West Valley Road and came upon a barn I've driven by countless times, and in fact, I drove by it again.  But that little voice in the back of my head (you know the one) said, "Hey, dummy!  Go back to the barn!"  So I turned around at the Vincent Schoolhouse and went back and got a series of shots of this old red barn.  

Anyway, I mention this because evidently I've had barns on the brain ever since, which is why this week the Wandering Eye has settled on barns.  I may have gone a little overboard, but there are a number of good shots out there and these are just some of what caught my eye.  I hope you enjoy them!

The Last Homely Ranch - kosmoceratops

Leaning in 07 - shyscapes

Bright Red Barn Window - bbrunophotography

Simple Reflection - firstlightphoto

Country Barn Classic Car - WednesdaySistersArts

Fall Finery - karencaseysmith

The Barn no.1 - eireanneilis

Teton Barn - SolsticePhoto

Brown Barn with Green - PamLefcourt

Country Farming - TimeCaptured

Road to the Barn - rrobertsphoto

Fall Barns - Paintedwithlight

Holder of the Cross - photographybyGray

Red Barn - Briole

Cliff Barn - JulieMagersSoulen

Little Red Barn - funtoprint

JCT 131 - LaurieBreton

Barns 004 Vintage Spring - NellieVPhotography

Classic Barn - Celticcatphotos

Serene Life - SouthernHippie

Old Barn By Tree - greenwillow

Summer Barn - magbug

Peaceful Barn - equinoxphoto

TORWORI Rusted Cadillac and Barn - TheShutterbugEye

Red Barn - JBWPhoto

Old barn and truck - garyhellerphotograph

RED BARN - MomentEternel

Old Barn - Brownielle

Heritage Barn - FotogirlCreations

Abandoned Barn - PhotographybyTess

Broken but Beautiful - thejdawg


bbrunophotography said...

Steve, it's an honor whenever you contact me to say you've included a photo in your post. This barn theme really resonates with me - it's a piece of beautiful history that is quickly fading. My red barn window image was captured the week after I learned that an historic barn in our area was going to be torn down.

Thanks for supporting my work. I appreciate you!

funtoprint said...

Hi Steve, thanks so much for including my little barn in this beautiful collection! I'm lucky that I live in an area where I can take a drive and enjoy barns along the way:)

Thanks again!

Brownielle said...

Hi Steve,

It's an honor to be included in this blog among such talented photographers! Thanks for including my 'old barn' in this wonderful collection!


ShyScapes said...

Great collection, Steve. Thanks for including my 'Leaning in '07" barn. This barn has been one of my favoirtes since I discovered it. In 2009 we went back to find that the silo is no longer there. We are planning a trip this fall to see if any remnant of this olde is left.

Thanks so much.
ShyScapes Photography

Joel said...

Thanks Steve for including me in this theme. Absolutely love barns and you picked out a great collection.

Randall Roberts said...

Hi Steve,

I hiked across a mile of wonderful pasture and tall grass on a very foggy evening to get that shot. My socks went "squish" with every step as I happily returned to the house with my newly acquired photo. Many thanks for including it in this grand collection of barns!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Thank you so much Steve for including my "Cliff Barn" in this great collection. I loved looking at all the beautiful images and couldn't help but think that many of these old beauties won't be with us much longer. Thanks for sharing with us!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Jay Wilson said...

Thanks Steve! Some great artwork here. Although I focus (doh!) on urban photography, I do love getting out in the country and getting a little rustic.

Nice work.

First Light Photography said...

Barns are a passion of mine, I seem to be drawn to them. They're part of the American landscape that seems to be slowly fading away!
Thank you, Steve, for wanting to include my image here!!! I am honored to be amongst the likes of Gary Heller, Julie Magers Soulen, Randy Roberts and the other many friends I have met!

PhotographybyTess said...

So many beautiful Barn Photos !
Thank you for including PhotographybyTess's barn photo . My sister is the photographer of this shot . She will be honored to be included !
Thanks , Tess

Pam Lefcourt said...

Steve - Great collection of barns! I just love them. How lucky you live near Snoqualmie (Sp?)Valley. I get so sad when I hear from my barn friends out that way that another has fallen to the ground....! Thanks again...Pam

Celtic Cat said...

Steve, this is awesome! I never tire of looking at barns!

Wednesday Sisters said...

Hi Steve!
Thank you so much for having included my barn print here, amongst all these talented artists. That particular barn is down the road from my home. I feel so blessed to live in rural, "Small Town America", where these sites are so common, yet still so much appreciated and treasured.
Thank you again, for appreciating my "Country Barn & Classic Car" print, that I happen to love so dearly!

Wednesday Sisters said...

Hi Steve!
What an honor to have been included in this beautiful barn series with all these talented artists.
That particular barn is down the road from my house. I am so blessed to live in rural, "small town America" where these sites are so common, yet still so much treasured and appreciated.
Thank you so much for noticing and appreciating my "Country Barn & Classic Car" print and the inclusion in this amazing collection!
Blessings and Appreciation,

Wednesday Sisters said...

Hi Steve,
What a priviledge to have my "Country Barn and Classic Car" print included amongst all these talented artists.
Barns, like these in this beautiful series, are very dear to me. This particular barn is down the road from my home and I see it often. I feel so blessed to live in rural, "small town America" where sites such as these are so common, yet still so much appreciated and treasured.
Thanks so much for the honor of this inclusion!

Briole Photography said...

Steve, this is a great collection! Thank you so much for including me.

Erika said...

What a great collection of American icons - wow! Each one tells a story. Thanks for the include of my photo 'The Last Homely Ranch'. I took this at a lovely, yet decaying farm in Southern Maryland about 15 minutes from downtown Washington DC, if you can believe it. Wonderful hidden gem, and one of my places of zen.
Many thanks,
Erika ~ Kosmoceratops

Diane Miller said...

This is a wonderful post. I love barns. :-) Thank you for including me. I feel honored to be included.

Ninon said...

What an honor to see my RED BARD photo included in this beautiful collection! I am amazed and humbled by all the beautiful work I see here.

Thank you so much Steve!
- Ninon

ShyScapes said...

Thanks so much Steve for including my "Leaning" barn in this fabulous collection. I am honored to be included with such talented photographers.

ShyScapes Photography

Judi FitzPatrick said...

These are absolutely fantastic selections, can't even begin to choose a favorite!
Peace, Judi

Gary Heller said...

Fantastic collection, and thanks as always for your interest in my work.

FotogirlCreations said...

Steve, no wonder you went overboard. They are all magnificent!! I would not have wanted to leave one out at all! I love barns and to see so many in one spot makes my heart go pitter patter! Thank you for including my Heritage Barn and allowing my work to be shown alongside so many talented photographers.

Karen Casey-Smith said...

What a treat this wonderful collection is, Steve! I love old barns, and these are so cool and amazing. I appreciate being included. It really is an honor. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous photos! I'm not sure we have barns in Australia. Not like this anyway... just big 'sheds'.

I love the black and white image with the rusted Cadillac.