Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wandering Eye

When I look for images to populate this feature, probably the most important search criteria I use is "poe team".  The resulting list, more often than not, is comprised of members whose work I've seen many times.  The reason for that is that not everyone puts "poe team" in their list of tag words when creating a new listing.  This not only makes it difficult for me to find the work of a good many of our members, but also for anyone else who happens to be searching for POE Team images.  This time out I decided to focus not on a place or a thing, but instead on members' work that has been flying under my radar.  It took a bit of looking, but I believe I've rounded up a pretty good cross section of under appreciated work...enjoy!

Rigging Shed, Salem, Massachusetts - netsirc

Full Moon Light Play - MaiMaiLove

Schoolhouse Kansas Flint Hills - GeorgiesLens

Boathouse - briffoimages

Best Friends - Flatlandsfoto

Fort Delaware Dock - ClocksForSeeing

Old man in Train Station - KalstekPhotography

paper parasol - kristaglavich

Birch Bark - zseike

Loch side storm - robbop

Tramonto Nero - tree3art

oak tree silhoette - ianparry

Point Bonita Lighthouse - littleBstudio

Eiffel Tower - NarikosNest

the red chair and the grey mosaic - kanpai


Eric Lukavsky - Clocks For Seeing Photography said...

Thanks for including my Delaware Dock photo! I appreciate the nod.

Eric Lukavsky - Clocks For Seeing Photography said...

Thanks for including my Delaware Dock photo! I appreciate the nod.

Photography by Cristen Farrell said...

Wow. So flattered that you chose my photograph of the Rigging Shed for this post! I am fairly new to Etsy so I also appreciate the tip to tag my listings with POE Team! There are so many great photographers on Etsy, and I look forward to getting to know the work of many of you through this team.

Anonymous said...

Very grateful that you found me much appreciated. Bless you. X

Flatlandsfoto said...

How cool to have my "Best Friends" image included! Thanks for the nod!

Andrew Briffett said...

Thanks for highlighting one of my images. I appreciate the inclusion.

Georgie said...

Much appreciation for including my photo w/ all of these other amazing artists. :-)

bicocacolors said...

great selection!!!!
loooove them all!!!!

Celtic Cat said...

Awesome collection of photographic art!

Karen Casey-Smith said...

Stunning collection! These are so striking. I'm enjoying them all.

Brandy Meehan said...

Thank you so much for the inclusion!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my photo and taking the time to look for it. robbop

bethany said...

Thank you so much for including my photo of the Eiffel Tower. You have a great round up of photos here!