Thursday, April 14, 2011

January, February & March Slideshows are LIVE!

I thought I had posted January and February's slideshows, but I don't see them so will post them all for everyone to see...

The theme for January is... HOLIDAY HANGOVER

The theme for February is... THE HEART WANTS, WHAT THE HEART WANTS

The theme for March is THE COLOR GREEN

Visit Etsy and search POE team for more great photography!

info from Taryn, please email your entries to Taryn at

The theme was originally Springs (the object) but we have only received a few images, and so the them has been expanded and the deadline extended to next Wednesday April 20th.

THEME: "Let's Spring into Spring" . Don't have a pics of springs? Don't want to search out springs and create a new pic? We have expanded the theme to include "SPRING" Springing in to Springs, Springs, and what Spring looks like to you. Explore the coming of spring, how it tastes, feels, looks and send us your best Spring or Springs shot!

Images should be at least 5x7 and 72dpi. And each member may submit 2 pictures.

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