Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mind's Eye - Characters

I love a good story.  I especially love it when that story is told by a photographer, and especially when it’s shown by an abstract or manipulated photograph.  For November’s Mind’s Eye post I would like to draw your attention to some of Etsy’s finest artists – to photographers who are superb at creating stories through creating great characters.

With photography, a good character can be enough to create an entire tale.   Although the bodies of work from the following artists are created with precision and brilliant editing, these photos don’t take themselves too seriously.   As a viewer, I like that.  That’s not to say that these stories are not compelling.  They are!  The images are easy to enjoy, rich with well thought out characters and interesting compositions.  I am able to be whisked away into their imaginations upon first glance.  Any questions that the image may leave you wondering are answered with a simple title.  Upon seeing one photo from each of the following story tellers I found myself wanting to see more.  All of these photographers have created a compelling body of work with a consistent feel, unique perspective, and masterful technique.  I encourage you to visit their shops and see more of what makes them each so special.

From left to right: "An Oblivious Wonderment", "Theodore W. Elwood", "The Nebulous Duo"

Matchstick Girl
"And She Grew and She Grew" and "Little Red Riding Hood"

Top left to right: "Too Easy" and "Faith or the Guardian Angel"
Bottom left to right: "Sugar Sugar" and "Crop Circle"

  Alice Lily
"I Am My Own" and "Toy Soldiers"

"Mind's Eye", by Anika Toro, is a monthly post focusing on abstract and manipulated photography. Anika lives in TN with her baby, husband, and two naughty cats. She loves taking photos every moment of every day.
Anika shares her photography in her shop, on her blog, and invites you to collaborate.


matchstickgirl said...

only just found this blog its wonderful !!! thank you Anika!!!!!

Celtic Cat said...

Very interesting and thoughtful work!

swindaman said...

Thanks for doing this interesting post of photographic work that I wouldn't normally seek out, but which I enjoyed perusing.

Anika said...

It IS a great blog with a load of will always find a new photograph to wow you!

K.Walden said...

=) Many kind thanks for including Theodore and the Twins...They feel mighty honored to be featured with the other great story characters...(such wonderful photographs featured in this entry!)