Monday, April 5, 2010

Mosaic Monday: Broken Beauty...

There is something beautiful about old, broken down buildings, here are just a few of the images that can be found when searching "POE Team" on Etsy. If you like this style, be sure to click on the following keywords to search them on Etsy... doors, windows, houses, buildings, old.

01. mariescottage - Through rose
02. Aztek721 - Fixer Upper
03. photoamato - Barn Doors
04. MjLeonard - Broken Window
05. Katalystphotos - Rubba Dub Tub
06. AnnWilkinson - Casa Familiar 324
07. ara133photography - Red Window
08. xenya - Escape
09. capow - White Picket Fence
10. jesspeterson - Someone Lived Here Once
11. chicalookate - Danger Danger
12. DaysLight - Pile of Old BOARDS, BEDS, WINDOWS, DOORS

This Mosaic Monday was compiled by Pam Hardy. Pam lives in beautiful Alberta, Canada. She has always been fascinated with cameras and has been taking pictures most of her life. Her favorite things to photograph are flowers and animals, and she enjoys experimenting with new subjects and techniques. See Pam's blog here and her shop right here.


Tamara Nicole said...

Lovely photos! I'ma huge door photo fan, took a ton in Greece and love them all:-)

CAPow! said...

such a beautiful collection! thank you for including one of my photos!

Hazydaisy said...

Great selection, I love the faded colours and varied textures.

Katalyst Photos said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much for adding my photo to your collection.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I love urban decay photography and this is a very talented group!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

DK Miller said...

Great photos showing old abandoned places. It's amazing how much beauty there is.