Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mosaic Monday: The Parts

Sometimes the wee little parts...the sweetest bits of things get overlooked when those are viewing the whole scene. We, as photographers, have a great gift of bringing those little parts to people's attention. Those everyday, insignificant things become so beautiful when pulled out of a scene and revered. I love the parts. Enjoy!
1. Float -Yvonnecatterson
2. Flower Pots -Elpatenaude
3. Peafowl Ice blue -Martinepetra
4. Back -ValeriaH
5. America's Past Time -Aliciaholmanphotos
6. Paws -Brownrose
7. A Rose By Any Other -Mgwphotography
8. Purple Stripey Legs -Gesturesphoto
9. Chestnut -Jmcguinness

Mosaic Mondays are compiled by Susan Schumann (Schugirl). Schugirl is a graduate of the RISD CE for Advertising and Print Design. She currently teaches 8th grade history and lives in Newport, RI.


Liz said...

Oh, I love #6 Paws!

Gestures Photogaphy by Marnie Gordon said...

What a beautiful collection! What an honor to have my "Purple Stripey Legs" included!

Ann Wilkinson said...

Nice group of images, Susan! I love seeing the details others haven't noticed before. You come up with some great themes for this column!