Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wanderings: London Calling

I have been daydreaming all day, wishing I were in another country, right now, snapping away. Where would I like to be right now? Easy answer my dear POE pals, ENGLAND!

Two London Phoneboxes-ScarletBeautiful2

England has been a life long dream of mine, even though my plans got thwarted twice years ago, I am not giving up. Someday, soon I hope, I will be taking a stroll on London's cobblestone streets in the rain, taking pictures of EVERYTHING and stopping only to chow down on scones and clotted cream with my afternoon tea.

Chamomile Poured-JenniferAitchison

With all these gorgeous photos, you guys are always the best at helping me daydream!

Off to faraway places...Ta Ta for now!

London Calling-organicstills

British Museum-PPDesigns

Eye Over London-kmsitko

Pulteney Bridge-hlkparis

Tower Bridge-elephantdreams

Meadows Green-greenislandstudios

This is not a photo opportunity-eyeshoot

Big Fluffy Clouds-soundslikerain

The London Hats-newamsterdam

Michelle Campbell-Zurek is an artist/photographer from the east coast who is wide-eyed and smitten with the crazy town called LA. When not on a quest to capture light and stop time, she can be found painting and ingesting gobs of sweets & tea. All are welcome to stop by the Urban Junkies Artist Lounge, as well as Michelle's photography shop, art shop and website.


Jennifer Aitchison said...

I always enjoy reading your articles on this blog as well as on your own blog. These photographs are gorgeous and have me daydreaming of a trip overseas as I sip my tea. Speaking of which, thank you so very much for including my Chamomile Poured photograph this week.

Ann Wilkinson said...

Michelle, I'm tellin' you, we've got to get a POE trip going! My suitcase is just waiting to be packed....thanks for such great and diverse images of London.

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

ann & jen, thanks so much for reading! and for your support! it means so much to me! :)

ann, definitely!! that would be incredible if we could! my camera is ready! :D

and jen, i've been gaga over your photo for so long now that i was super excited to be able to work it into a travel post! it fit perfectly! :)

I.B Design-Photography said...

London is a great place for taking photo's, and if you get one of the rare sunny days it can be even better!!you can get some amazing shots of london in the sunshine. if you do cross the pond anytime soon, i, as an englishman, welcome you!!!