Monday, March 23, 2009

Mosaic Monday - Windows of the World

Whether they are opened, closed, curtained, barred or shuttered the Photographers of Etsy show you the windows to their world.

  1. Venice Window – rebeccaplotnick
  2. Hung up – elephantdreams
  3. To Alice's House We Go – JacqleenBlue
  4. Windows 101 – JeriAnnesGallery
  5. Windows to the Sky – karencaseysmith
  6. Dream Inspired Windows – HouseofSixCats
  7. Disconnected – KAWsaidTheKrowStudio
  8. Afternoon – HumanInterest
  9. Fixer Upper – Aztek721
  10. Green Shutters – JoannBristol
  11. Lanae Original – LanaePhotography
  12. Outside Looking In – PichonPhoto

Mosaic Mondays are compiled by
Patti Meyer. Patti is an award winning graphic artist who resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. See her photography collection at her shop right here.


marianne said...

hitchcock was fascinated by windows and doors. They were a metaphor for a view to the interior of all things mysterious... I agree and will add that they are a window to the soul of the building they are attached to.. we had shutters on our home as a child and I always thought of them as a type of embellishment or style of our home... these are lovely photos one and all and the photographers are amazing to go with their photos!! thanks for the post..

Ann Wilkinson said...

our fascination with doors and windows is nearly universal, and we never tire of looking at them. there's even a photography gallery chain specializing in those types of photos! what a great collection of images from our fantastic POE group. thanks, Patti!

Tricia McKellar said...

Wonderful images :)

Jaimee said...

Breathtaking shots...I can only imagine the breathtaking views from each window!

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

great post patti! such beautiful photos, and i agree with all the wonderful comments!

rebeccaplotnick said...

Thanks so much for including me!

Gary Heller said...

I like the subjects of windows and doors alot. I have done a series on windows at night. there is a certain intrigue about them that makes us wonder about who lives behind these portals to somewhere else

From My Eye said...

I too am curious about what is behind them. Beautiful images! Love this post Patti!