Monday, September 26, 2011

Wandering Eye

Well hello, and welcome back!  When last we visited, a couple months ago, the Wandering Eye had settled on Black and White images.  This time out instead of a particular theme, I decided to wander through the POE listings and share with you a number of those images that caught my eye. We ended up with a collection of 34 photographs...enjoy!

Eiffel over the Seine - SolsticePhoto

Looking Up - henatayeb

Old House - Celticcatphotos

Down the Road - rrobertsphoto

Little Helper - Michaella

window on the world - AnnWilkinson

Unlocking Santana - anikatoro

The Great White - artinmind

Whimsical Daisy Dew Drops - SunshineLaRosePhotos

Green Seats - PhotosByJudy

Dreams lost in water - stephmel

Forever Lovely - CoyPhoto

Berber Boy - ZenzPhotography

Seed Pods - jessicarogers

Equestrian Bike Rider - DDubPhotog

No Hippos, Just Reeds - LoudWaterfallPhoto

Walking clouds - MagMoment

Dewdrop Trail - HouseofSixCats

Silver Bells - Caradonnaphotography

Egret on a Nice Morning - BillSwindamanPhoto

Shadow Me, Self-Portrait No. 4 - ArtByAmarose

watching you watching me 3 - lightleak

LAUNDROMAT - thirdeyeview3

Sunrise over Bay Islands - HeyHarriet

Bench - photohale

Cell Block - JohnSturgisPhotos

Daisies in Vase - Ketzelphotography

Sunflower Profile - buckscountyframes

Black Cat - ImageNationphoto

Driftwood on Beach at Port Renfrew - YdnarImaging

Wall - reflectiveimages

Sea Birds on Posts - soloaperture

Lonely African acacia tree in the savannah - shashamane

Watching the Tide Roll In - FlashForward


Randall Roberts said...

A visual treat, as always, Steve, and an honor to be included in such fine company. Many, many thanks!

-- Randy

zenzphotography said...

Thank you, it's a wonderful collection of photographs!

Bocat said...

These are all amazing and beautiful images! I"m honored to be amongst them! Thank you!

Bocat said...

These are all amazing and beautiful images! I'm honored to be included! Thank you!

Dave said...

Wonderful set of images! I feel privileged to be included in this collection!!

Hazel Berger said...

I love the green seats! My favorite color. The bike rider's garb is perfect! And, the tree in the savannah has the most gorgeous colors. Thanks for the inclusion!

henzy said...

A beautiful collection. Thanks for including my photograph.

henzy said...

A beautiful collection. Thanks for including my photograph.

Hey Harriet said...

A lovely selection of photos from the POE team! Thank you so much for including one of mine :)

Celtic Cat said...

Oh, I love the wonderful images you have collected here!

Numeric Design said...

Fabulous collection, thank you!

Numeric Design said...

Beautiful collection!

Lauren @ Flash Forward said...

Gorgeous selections and several new (to me) shops I can't wait to check out! Thanks so much for including my photograph in this lovely collection!

Kelly said...

Great post!
Such beautiful shots.
Thank you for including my photograph Laundromat.

Best Wishes!


Anika said...

Thanks so much Steve! Great picks as always...particularly love that cloud in "the great white" and "Sunrise over Bay Islands". All very pretty images thought, thanks for showcasing Etsy's talent!

Annie L. Bailey said...

Thank you Steve! It's great to be included with so many wonderful artists! Hope you're well, Annie

Sailors Ravine Studio said...

Thanks for the new post. I check regularly to see the great photographers. All very nice choices.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Great photographs.

PhotoGrunt said...

It's my pleasure, Anika! It's always so interesting to see the interesting images folks are producing.

Halyssa Riggins said...
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Groupdmt said...

lovely photography & splashily girl photo i love it :)
retouche de photos

Nakedeye17 said...

Beautiful images, Steve. Thanks for pulling them together.

MagMoment said...

Nice collection! Thanks for posting.

Nicole said...

Amazing pure shots! I love them all.

Annie L. Bailey said...

These are all gorgeous images! Great job putting this together Steve, and thank for including me!

pat said...

i enjoyed your selections, great post!