Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wandering Eye

It is the eighth most populous state in the U.S. and has the longest freshwater coastline of any political subdivision in the world.  There are 64,980 lakes and ponds within its borders which makes it impossible for anyone standing within its boundaries to ever be more than six miles from a natural water source.  It is the largest state in total area east of the Mississippi river, and it is yet another place I have never been.  This time out the Wandering Eye settles on Michigan.

Tickets Please - LensArtwork

Starlite Lanes Ruins - TweelingPhotography

Detroit Panda - chicalookate

Waiting for the People Mover - ByJenniferLeigh

Old Wooden Life Boat - Imagesbylynnann

Service Required - LensArtwork

Round Island Lighthouse - Celticcatphotos

Waiting For The Storm - lilacpopphotography

Whitefish Point - HeatherNewkirkPhotos

Emergence - LensArtwork

Old White Barn In Rural America No. 2 - Celticcatphotos

Michigan Theater - abcdimages

Wind Point Lighthouse - timkantphotography

the clique - blueeyedbadger

Point Betsie Blue - joystclaire

Manistee North Pierhead Lighthous - ByJenniferLeigh

Puddles of Light - lilacpopphotography


"Wandering Eye" is also "PhotoGrunt" and Steve Raley, a photographic documentarian from Seattle, Washington.  He captures images wherever he goes, and he  frequently even uses a camera.  His work can be seen on his websiteblog and his Etsy shop.


O. Joy said...

Wonderful post & incredible photographs - love the diversity. Michigan is such a diverse & beautiful place - thanks for showing that!!

Lens Artwork said...

Very flattered to have some of my work included here. Thanks for putting together this great collection!

Images by Lynn Ann said...

Very cool! Love it!

Images by Lynn Ann said...

Love it! Very cool!

Celtic Cat said...

Let's hear it for Michigan! Thank You, Steve, great photographic trip around Michigan!

Heather said...

Thanks so much for including my work among your collection celebrating Michigan's spectacular natural beauty!

karen said...

what a treat! thank you for including me with such wonderful much to see in michigan!

photosofetsy said...

There is something so appealing about cityscapes, particularly, decaying, peeling, rusted signage and buildings. Love it in popping colors or black and white. Terrific display!

photosofetsy said...

Terrific display of aging buildings and signs. Love the popping colors and the black and whites. Stop down in Ohio sometime.