Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mind's Eye - Natural Abstractions

Welcome to December’s Mind’s Eye post, a monthly post that focuses on abstract and manipulated photography.   For this month’s post I thought it would be nice to celebrate some abstract images of winter.   In the past few posts I have discussed composing and creating visual stories and using manipulation of the photograph as a means to convey the photographer’s imagination.  However for this post I wanted to show off some abstractions that were created naturally, with little manipulation if any at all.  These beautiful images were created through the lens.  The natural environment served as the inspiration for abstraction.  Sometimes the perfect abstract photo lies waiting to be discovered just like these fabulous POE photographs.

The high contrast and composition of both of these selections are just two examples of the skill and thoughtfulness of JK Photography’s work.  Below are “Reflection”  and “Winter Forest Diptych”.

Sometimes, simply adjusting the angle of a shot is enough to abstract an image.  These beautiful photos are “Weed in Snow No. 6” and "Weed in Snow No.7” by RRobertsPhoto.

Another POE artist who photographs nature creatively is Barbraziemerphoto.   Here are “Midnight in Our Garden Three” and the painterly “Reflective Image No.3”.

Etsy's artists never cease to impress me.  If you are ever in need of some great inspiration or a gift for that special art lover in your life think of Etsy and the Photographers of Etsy.  Merry everything to you no matter what you may be celebrating.  I look forward to the next Mind's Eye post in 2011.  Happy new year!

"Mind's Eye"  is a monthly post by Anika Toro focusing on abstract and manipulated photography. Anika lives in TN with her baby, husband, and two naughty cats. She loves taking photos every moment of every day. 
Anika shares her photography in her shop, on her blog, and invites you to collaborate.
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Celtic Cat said...

Awesome collection of photography!

KClark Photography said...

I really enjoy getting to see through other photographers eyes.

JK said...

Fantastic post, a wonderful read! Thanks for the feature!

PhotoGrunt said...

Very nice selections, Anika; well done!

Anika said...

Thanks everyone! They are beautiful photos aren't they??