Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mind's Eye - Recognition

Over the past several years, I have come to realize that abstract images intrigue just as many people as they bother.  Some folks can't shake that need-to-know {what the object is} feeling.  Personally, I am on the side of being intrigued.  Instead of feeling like I need to know what the photo is of, I enjoy the what is of the image.  Ceilings become graphic designs, household items-beautiful contrasts of light and dark, rusty metal can mimic a painted landscape, a stairwell can appear to be a watchful eye, etc...  Here are a few examples to relax those need-to-know synaptic connections.  Simply put, here is some candy for your eyes.

  "Four Points" (Above) and "Woven Steel" (Below)
Both images by lizgrandmaison

Interestingly enough, just like with the split between people who see things one way and those who see them in another, there is a similar split in the listings of these Etsy photographers.  Some of these photos come from shops in which most of the photos are abstract.  Some, however, are shots from shops in which abstract art is just a fraction of what these photographers see through the lens.  I encourage you to look at these artist's shops and see for yourself.  I think that all photographers at some point have their eye caught by the small details, the seemingly insignificant parts of items.  Sometimes it's not only until later that we see our subject as an abstract photo.  Sometimes it's not until we see our final image that we question what the subject is.  See?  Intriguing...

"Mind's Eye", by Anika Toro, is a monthly post focusing on abstract and manipulated photography.  Anika lives in TN with her baby, husband, and two naughty cats.  She loves taking photos every moment of every day.  
Anika shares her photography in her shop, on her blog, and invites you to collaborate.


PhotoGrunt said...

Wonderful selections! Every artist either an old or a new fav!

Liz Grandmaison said...

Thanks so much for featuring my images in this post, Anika! I simply love Barbara Gordon's "Guardian."

joanna's foto said...

First of all- thank you so much!
It's real honor to be have artwork listed between such a talented photographers!
Beautiful collection!

Alison Du Bois said...

I just love photography!!! Thanks for including me :)

Nakedeye17 said...

I know what you mean about not seeing the image as abstract until later. Cool stuff!