Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Works!

Hello everyone! I apologize for the delay in this week's New Works post, my internet connection at home has been spotty since seems to be working now, so I'm trying to squeeze in a post.

Hope you all enjoy the New Works I have chosen this week from the Photographers of Etsy team members!

curioush - Field

henatayeb - Blue Hand

BethPeardonProds - A Bird Gathering

tandyphotography - Blue Skies in the Forum

FlashForward - Dream (No. 2)


New Works are hand picked by Liz (InventingLiz), who lives in the Boston area with Tinker the dog. She is currently on a mission, with camera close at hand, to invent a life worth living. You may read about this journey on her blog here and visit her shop here.


Jay Wilson said...

These are all great, I particularly like "Field" by CuriousH. Really nice image.

Steffi said...

What a beautiful collection. :)
I especially like the bird gathering picture. So funny that there is one bird missing. haha


Celtic Cat said...

Those little birds are darling!

readingsully2 said...

Well, very impressive. :)