Monday, January 19, 2009

Mosaic Monday: Big Bird

Or maybe birds of a feather flock together? The Photographers of Etsy capture the beauty of our feathered friends.

  1. Strike a Pose – kwinkelerphotos
  2. Peacock Beauty – LDPhotography
  3. Flamingo Greeting Cards – allieart4children
  4. Great to be Happy – siriusimagery
  5. Adagio Afternoon – karencaseysmith
  6. Geese out for a Stroll – wildcatphotography
  7. Aaron the Pelican – sharonkaydesigns
  8. Black Swan – greenislandstudios
  9. Two Pelicans – JudiFitzPatrick
  10. Peacock No. 3 – KreativeThoughts
  11. Behind the Mask – fosterbk
  12. Solitude – batfineart
Hope all of you are settled into the New Year.

Mosaic Mondays are compiled by
Patti Meyer. Patti is an award winning graphic artist who resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. See her photography collection at her shop right here.